Kickbox is the world’s most popular enterprise innovation framework, used at thousands of organizations from multi-nationals (3M, Cisco, Caterpillar, MasterCard, Swisscom, P&G) to educational institutions (ETH, UNSW, USC), government agencies (DARPA, United Nations) and non-profits (Peace Corp, Gates Foundation, Kickstart-Innovation).

It was originally created for internal use at Adobe by Chief Strategist and VP of Creativity Mark Randall and then open-sourced in 2015.

Connect Enterprises is adopting ipsis verbis, almost, at least on this occasion, the kickbox framework for its Innovation initiatives and we are about to use it for the first time on this occasion, which should be considered a pilot.

As this innovation initiative must be perfectly aligned with the Connect Manifesto, we named our own adoption of the Kickbox framework as Connect ChangeBox, because we want to use our innovation skills along with our technical capabilities to change the current situation of our planet.

Let's sum up how all this process works:

Typically a budget for Red Boxes is defined by the company and any interested employee can apply to get one. The best X applications get a Red Box and people follow the framework process, adapted or not.

The Kickbox's Redbox consists of a 6 levels journey. This journey is beautifully documented in the Level Cards document (see references below), and it will guide you throughout the innovation process.

At this stage, Connect Enterprises is allowing everyone to participate, so a theoretically infinite amount of employees or teams can participate. This is possible because we have split the 6 levels of the framework, into two phases.

  • Phase I (Level 1, 2 and 3): Every employee or group of employees can participate. A short list of 3 candidates will be selected to Phase II.
  • Phase II (Level 4, 5 and 6): The awarded 3 teams will be able to go through the rest of the levels, and they will be given a budget of 500€, each, to support eventual costs. The last level (6), consists of a pitch/presentation. Only one team will win the processes.

The winning team will be awarded a 5.000€ prize, as an investment to its innovative idea!

For this reason, we've added a Phase III, which could be mapped with the mentioned Blue Box in the kickbox framework, but it is not exactly the same concept. We'll go further on this, at a later stage.

Phase III consists essentially of preparing the winning idea to participate in the 2019 web summit's alpha programmeTo achieve that, not only the innovative team will have a 5.000€ budget to invest further in the product, but also the team will be fully assessed and supported by Connect Enterprises throughout the process.

Now, are you ready to innovate? :)